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By now, you’ve probably seen the final roster for the USA Basketball Team that will be playing in the World Cup in Spain, beginning later this week.  Obviously, it’s a very good team, and the players and coaches should be commended for making the commitment and sacrifice.  They are the ones in the arena, sweating and competing.  They should receive the credit.

With this said, I think that you could put together a heck of a team with players that are not a part of this select squad.

How about this USA Team that is made up of players that are not on this current team (for various reasons):

LeBron James

Kevin Durant

Chris Paul

Kevin Love

Carmelo Anthony

Dwight Howard

Chris Bosh

Andre Iguodala

Dwayne Wade

Deron Williams

Blake Griffin

Paul George

Obviously, there are various reasons why many of these players weren’t involved in USA Basketball this Summer, yet this shows the tremendous depth of quality players within the USA Basketball system at this current time. 



Cleveland is wasting no time showing Kevin some Love. 


Cleveland is wasting no time showing Kevin some Love

USA Basketball Announces Roster For 2014 USA World Cup Team

USA Basketball

Nice highlights of USA vs. Puerto Rico.

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