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Jul 26

Scott Flemming

If you’ve followed Small College Basketball closely for the past 20-30 years, you may know the name Scott Flemming.  Coach Flemming was a Head Coach and Athletic Director at the small college level for 23 years (3 years at Nyack and 20 years at Mount Vernon Nazarene).  During these 23 years, he compiled a record of 440-273, and was named the National Coach of the Year twice.

Beyond the winning, Coach Flemming says (through his LinkedIn profile), “I love teaching the game on the court and teaching life lessons on and off the court. God has blessed me with a supportive family and a profession that I have a strong passion for. I am as competitive as they come but my primary goal is to invest in people.”

After he left Mount Vernon, many may have lost track of Coach Flemming……and let me tell you that he is having an incredible impact on international basketball and is making a difference in our game and in the lives of many people around the world.  Let me assure you that Scott Flemming is making small college coaches around the country very proud.

After leaving Mount Vernon Nazarene, Coach Flemming became an assistant coach with the Texas Legends of the NBDL, working with longtime coaching legend Del Harris (who has his own roots in small college basketball).  After two years with the Legends, he had the opportunity to become the Head Coach of India’s National team in November of 2012.

It is here, in India (and throughout Asia) that he has made such a significant impact.  The country of India has not exactly been known for basketball, and has very little infrastructure built for the sport.  For a country with over a billion people, basketball is still in its infancy, and has had very little success on the international scene.

Enter Coach Scott Flemming….

In less than two years, Flemming led India to a gold medal victory at the Lusofonia Games this past January and then a first place finish at the South Asian Basketball Championship.

Then, on July 13, 2014, Flemming led the Indian National Team to the biggest, most historic win in the 78-year history of the country’s National Team by defeating the world’s #12-ranked team, China, 65-58.  (That same Chinese team had beaten the Indian team 79-45 just 11 months prior).  In India, the game has been dubbed, “The Wonder of Wuhan”, as the game was played at the Wuhan Sports Center in Wuhan, China.  On the popular blog, Hoopistani, the article covering the game says that “Indian basketball will always remember the day - July 13, 2014……”

Congratulations to Coach Scott Flemming on making all coaches within small college basketball proud……and using the game of basketball to make a difference in the lives of your players - and for an entire country!


Here are three articles that write about India’s historic victory, led by Head Coach Scott Flemming:


Jul 14

Kaiser starred in forgotten pro league | -

Small College Basketball coaching legend Roger Kaiser was a heck of a player…..check out this article about his fantastic playing career.

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Jul 10

Collegiate Athletics

At a great deal of small colleges, there is financial concern, as many of these small schools are enrollment driven, with relatively small endowments.  As such, many schools use athletics as a key component to driving enrollment.  This is nothing new or novel, but the reality is that there are financial concerns with many of the schools competing at the small college level.

In recent times, Lambuth University (TN) closed their doors.  Around that time, Dana College (NE) announced that it was closing.  Shortly thereafter, Mountain State University closed down.  More recently, Southern Poly (GA) announced it was merging with Kennesaw State and was therefore dropping athletics.  Northwood (TX) announced that it is phasing out athletics, and BYU-Hawaii announced their three-year plan to phase out athletics.  Victory University (TN) announced a few months ago that would close its doors for good.  In May, Mid-Continent University (KY) announced that the school would be closing.

While mainstream media is writing and talking about the money that flows into major universities through athletics, they often forget the majority of schools that are competing at the small college level….and that are driven by tuition revenue.  Clearly, many of these schools are struggling…..and many more are working hard to stay afloat.  

Jun 30

HoopsHype - NBA Summer Leagues - Rosters -

Within the attached link are the rosters for the NBA Summer League teams for the Orlando and Las Vegas Summer Leagues.  You’ll notice several Small College Basketball players on these rosters.

Congratulations to the following players for making the NBA Summer rosters:

*  Eric Dawson                  Midwestern State (TX)

*  Darius Adams                Indianapolis

*  Michael Stockton           Westminster (UT)

*  Josh Magette                 Alabama - Huntsville

*  Darrius Williams             Morehouse